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Andrew Robl Net Worth and Bio: How Rich Is “Good2cu” Holla Balla Today?

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Curious about Andrew Robl’s net worth, bio, and poker winnings? You’re in the right place.

Living your best life isn’t about always winning. It’s about doing the things you love and that’s what Andrew Robl stands for – a self-made millionaire.

He is a professional poker player with a deep love for gaming even as a kid. Though it’s not easy to defy the conventional career cycle expected by your community, he stood against the odds to pursue his dream of becoming a poker player.

He is yet to achieve his first-ever WSOP bracelet, but he is already one of the biggest high-stakes players in the industry.

So, just how rich has Andrew Robl become by playing poker professionally? You’re about to find out below!

Full Name: Andrew Robl
DOB: September 27, 1986
Birthplace: Michigan, USA
Profession: Professional poker player
Wife: Christal Fuentes Robl
WSOP Bracelets: N/A
Net Worth and Career Earnings: $10+ Million

Disclaimer: This is a question that no one can answer with 100% certainty except for Andrew Robl himself. We can only assume his approximate net worth based on various sources that we’ve read/heard about and the usual stakes he plays.

Andrew Robl Bio

Andrew Robl is a high-stakes poker player who hails from Michigan. He was born on September 27, 1986, making him one of the youngest millionaire poker players in the US.

He started playing poker in high school. But as a kid, he had always loved playing games; no matter what it was. However, Andrew became interested in gambling games because they had more thrill and more opportunities (or rather adventures) compared to the casual games his peers played.

He was still in school when he first played poker online. After earning quite a few dollars (he mentioned he probably had $1000), he knew what he was meant to do. Robl ditched college because it was not for him.

Andrew didn’t like working for someone and this is all the more reason why being a professional poker player sparked his interest more.

Everyone around him thought he was crazy for wanting to live a life as a gambler. But he wanted to do it anyway. His greatest fear is failing at the life he chose and not making it.

With luck and dedication, he made himself a millionaire by playing poker – a real-life rags-to-riches story. It’s safe to say that he has conquered his lifelong fear and is now living his full life.

And his biggest driving force? He wanted to have the freedom to do what he wanted and his fear of failure.

Poker Career

Image: World Poker Tour on Flickr

If you check out The Hendon Mob, you’ll see that he roughly has a total of $5 Million in live earnings. However, Robl has long been enjoying big wins in cash games before making his way to live tournaments. That’s why his stats won’t tell you much about his net worth.

He began playing at a very young age. He was already known as “good2cu” in the online poker community. Like many others, his very first exposure to poker was watching it live on ESPN and he immediately got interested in the game.

As a young player, he won decent amounts and managed to accumulate a bankroll of around $70,000 – $80,000. For him, that was big enough.

Because he didn’t know better, he lost the money and had to take odd jobs (even became a janitor) just so he could get back to playing poker again.

At some point, Andrew lost half of his bankroll and was afraid he would have to go back to school and hear everyone say I told you so. He was at the airport to meet Phil Galfond, another successful poker player who is Andrew’s good friend.

Despite his anxiety, he watched him play and that motivated and reminded him that he could also do that and live his best life playing poker.

He started becoming popular not only online, but in live tournaments as well after appearing in Poker After Dark Season 4 in 2008.

Robl made his first cash during the Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World Poker Classic Tournament in 2007. He ranked 7th among the players and took home a prize worth $36,000+.

At the same event in 2010, he now finished second and took home a prize of over $500,000. But, his best cash was during the 2013 Aussie Millions Challenge where he beat Igor Kurganov for over $1 Million.

But, his career isn’t always booming. Andrew had his fair share of losses and one of the biggest losses he had happened to have been televised. He lost a $500,000+ hand during the World Open Tournament VI.

Recently, he went up against Garrett Adelstein during the 2023 High Stakes Cash Game Ep.4 – WPT Cash. This was the first time Garrett was seen on the felt after his 14-15 months of hiatus from the poker scene following the J4 scandal. Robl only ranked 3rd during this game.

To date, his total live earnings are at $5.6+ Million.

Personal Life

There is nothing much we can dig into Robl’s personal life. Despite his fame, he remained tight-lipped about his personal affairs. But in one interview, Andrew said that he loves spending time with his dog and family.

However, I did a little research on his wife Christal Fuentes instead and it seems like they are enjoying their family life. They are blessed with two beautiful kids.

They tied the knot last September 2, 2021, with Christal posting this beautiful photo of them on Instagram:

They got married in London after dating for 11 years. Before the wedding, they had a welcome dinner for family and friends for their anniversary. Isn’t that sweet?

Andrew Robl Net Worth

Andrew’s net worth isn’t something we can’t definitely put numbers on, but judging from his current stats, it would be safe to estimate a net worth of around $10+ Million.

So, how did Andrew Robl make his money?

Aside from live tourneys, don’t forget that he plays online cash games, the earnings of which are not recorded – and of course, this man’s a high-stakes player so you can only imagine how much he rakes online.

But, we can get an idea of how rich this man is through his best cashes so far:

  • 1st place 2013 Aussie Millions Event #11 – $1,055,699
  • 2nd place 2012 Five Star World Poker Classic (WPT) – $822,375
  • 2nd place 2010 Five Diamond World Poker Classic (WPT) – $549,003
  • 5th place 2019 Triton Poker Super High Roller Series Montenegro – $444,925
  • 8th place 2017 WSOP – $387,732

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