How Did Andrew Robl Make His Money?

How Did Andrew Robl Make His Money? (His Sources of Income Revealed!)

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Look: Rags-to-riches stories may sound cliche, but they happen in real life, just like it did for Andrew Robl. Now, everyone who hears this can’t help but wonder:

  • How did Andrew Robl make his money?
  • How rich is he now?
  • What does Andrew Robl do for a living?
  • How did he start his poker career?

Well, that’s what we will be talking about in this post, so read along!

How Did Andrew Robl Make His Money?

Andrew Robl started playing poker when he was a teenager. He was first known in the online poker community and managed to grow his bankroll; to the point that he now plays at the highest nosebleed stakes. Apart from his poker winnings, Andrew likely makes extra income as an investor and entrepreneur.

Disclaimer: This is a question that no one can answer with 100%, certainty except for Andrew himself, but here we’ll discuss several certain and possible sources of income. Let’s get started.

If you are closely following high-stakes poker games, then it’s almost impossible not to know who Andrew Robl is. He is one of the most successful players in this industry.

Today, we will be talking about how Andrew Robl turned his love for online poker into his major income source and how he managed to grow his bankroll into what it is today.

His journey to the professional poker industry is quite interesting, to say the least. Looking at how successful he is now, you would never imagine what he had to do to keep playing the card game and survive. After losing everything he earned, he admitted he had more respect for money from then on.

So what really happened then? Let’s find out!

Andrew Robl’s Poker Career

Andrew was exposed to poker at a young age.

He watched WSOP on ESPN with his father so he naturally picked up interest in the game. By the time he was 17, he was already making money by playing this famous card game online. Robl is best known as “good2cu” on the virtual felt.

The thing about Robl is that he didn’t rush anything. Right from the start, he believed that if you practice hard and play well enough, winnings will follow. He never meant to chase fame or wealth. He just really loved playing the card game.

By the time he was in his senior year in high school, Andrew started playing in online poker rooms for real money, despite being underaged. During the summer after graduating high school, his winnings accumulated to around $70,000. In an interview, the pro stated that he felt that was all the money in the world at that time.

Before transitioning to the live poker scene, Robl had a fair share of ups and downs, him being still young. But, he was able to stand back up and continue playing poker.

His first major break in the live tournaments was during the televised game for Poker After Dark Season 4. That was in 2008. He became famous for his skills, despite not being able to win the pot.

But before this breakthrough, he already had his 5-figure major cash out during the 2007 Doyle Brunson World Poker Classic Tournament.

15 years later, he is now one of the biggest high-stakes rollers with a net worth of more than $10M!

Up to What Lengths Will He Take for Poker?

They said taking the road less traveled will cause you a lot of judgment and nasty stares from the people around you. True enough, Andrew felt this when he decided to ditch college to focus on playing poker.

Since it wasn’t the conventional approach to life, many people around him thought he was crazy for wanting the life of a poker player. To them, a mundane 9-5 desk job is a surefire way to become successful, but Robl had other plans.

This was both his motivation and weak spot. Because of this, he had a great fear of failure. He didn’t want to hear them say “I told you so”. That’s why he made sure he would succeed on the felt, and he did!

But before he was able to do that, he had major losses. When he was still starting his career, he had too little knowledge about bankroll management and ended up losing the $70,000 he accumulated that summer before college. For him to continue playing, he did odd jobs and became a janitor.

Luckily after that, Robl was able to learn from the mistake and paid more attention to managing his finances. As a high-stakes player, it’s not unusual for him to experience major losses, just like what happened during the televised tournament where he lost a $500k hand!

Andrew Robl proves to us that despite hardships and losses, you can still become successful in your career path, as long as you keep your faith in what you do and never lose sight of what matters.

Andrew’s Biggest Winning Hand of All Time

Robl was too close to getting his first WSOP bracelet, something every poker player dreams of having. But even if he still doesn’t have one, he has won a lot of 7-figure hands on the felt.

In a televised High Stakes Poker Season 10 episode, Robert-Jean Bellande and Andrew Robl talked about how the latter won a massive $9M hand against Tom Dwan.

Here’s a video clip:

Speaking of Jean Robert Bellande:

It’s very possible that Andrew stakes JRB and makes additional income through him. Though, there are rumors that he stakes him for the access to whales and good cash games that funding JRB being able to participate grants him.

Now, let’s talk about his major cashes since this should not be left out.

To date, his biggest cash-out amounts to a little more than $1M during the 2013 Aussie Millions Tournament. This is his best cash of all time. Other major cashes are around the $800k and $500k mark, plus a whole lot more!

Ship It, Holla Ballas!

This is a book written by Storms Reback and Jonathan Grotenstein. It tells the true story of several teenage and adolescent poker players who pushed through poker after the Black Friday incident when the Moneymaker season was in full bloom.

The members of this young group include famous players like Tom Dwan, Andrew Robl, Phil Galfond, and David Benefield. In this book, the players shared how they met, how they spent their time, and how they managed to get back up on their feet after the tragic crash in the online poker community.

Real Estate Ventures

Not a lot of information is known about Andrew’s other business ventures, but he is well-known in the real estate industry.

As to how much and what he specifically does here remains to be discovered. However, it is known that he provides consultancy services to those seeking help from a real estate expert perspective.

This has become one of his major sources of income.

Crypto Investments

While there are no official records of him talking about crypto, in my experience, the younger generation is more involved with cryptocurrency investments.

And when you’re surrounded by high net worth individuals, you’re in the “whale” club who might have first phase/pre-sale access or some insider information on what crypto projects to invest in.

At the very least, he could hold Bitcoin as a long term investment.

Final Thoughts on How Did Andrew Robl Make His Money

Poker is more than just winning and losing.

It entails a lot of hard work, practice, and dedication before you reach the peak of success. For Andrew Robl, it came rather quickly. At a young age, he was able to grow his bankroll into millions just by playing poker alone.

However, that’s not the only source of income he has. Apart from poker, he is also an entrepreneur, and ambassador, and investor. All these activities are income streams that contribute to his ever-growing bankroll.

Now, I’d like to hear from YOU:

  • Do you think Andrew Robl is one of the richest high-stakes players?
  • Do you think he is better off playing poker than concentrating on business?
  • What other sources of income Andrew Robl has that we missed?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below! Sharing is caring!

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