Rick Salomon Net Worth, Bio, Sex Tape Scandal, and Poker Winnings

Rick Salomon Net Worth, Bio, Sex Tape Scandal, and His Biggest Poker Wins

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It’s not surprising to see poker players get extremely famous overnight.

While most of the reason for the sudden rise to fame involves great skills and huge tournament winnings like WSOP, there are others who are best known for other things. Aside from his great track record on the felt, Rick Salomon became an instant celebrity due to his sex tape with his ex-girlfriend Paris Hilton.

Rick is also a businessman and film producer at the same time. Because of his profession, he has had several high-profile marriages in the past. We’ll talk more about that in a bit.

Full Name: Richard Allan Salomon
DOB: January 24, 1969
Birthplace: Neptune Township, New Jersey
Profession: Entrepreneur, professional poker player, film producer
Ex-Wives: Elizabeth Daily, Shannen Doherty, Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton (ex-gf)
WSOP Cashes: 4
Net Worth & Career Earnings: $35+ million

Richard Allan Salomon Bio

Rick was born on January 24, 1969, in New Jersey. He is the son of a very wealthy family. He is the son of Doris Gloria Green and Robert Jess Salomon who was an-ex VP of Warner Bros. It’s not a surprise he developed a love for the filmmaking industry just like his father. Most of Richard’s childhood was spent in Wayside, NJ with the family.

Being born with a silver spoon in your mouth means being able to spend money without worrying about consequences and losses. Even when Rick was still young, he lived a lavish lifestyle. This is also reflected evidently in his choice of poker events. You would usually see Salomon enter the super high-stakes competition even when he was still a newbie.

Before he entered the poker industry, Allan owned a gambling website. However, there is no mention if this is still operating or not. Considering the fact that many people aren’t aware of this, the platform might not have operated very long.

Poker Career

If you’re thinking this might be another rags-to-riches story, you’d be totally wrong.

On the contrary, since Rick was born into an affluent family, he never worried about where he would get the funds to finance his bankroll. Right from the beginning, he already had the financial resources to get him into any poker club.

But as easy as it is for Richard to enter the industry, it doesn’t mean he didn’t have a hard time becoming a successful player. Of course, he also suffered major losses throughout his entire career as a pro card gamer, but the issue of going bankrupt is farfetched.

Right now, his total recorded live tournament winnings are at $9.9+ million and he ranks 113th on the all-time money list in The Hendon Mob. In California, Salomon ranks 7th.

When it comes to WSOP tournaments, he is yet to get his first bracelet. However, Rick’s top cash right now is a whopping $3,291,000 after placing third in the 2016 One Drop Extravaganza (€1M NLHE). He also won big during the 2014 and 2018 WSOP Big One for One Drop – both cashes are over $2,000,000!

Lastly, you’ll see this player often in high stakes games, such as “High Stakes Poker”, “Poker After Dark”, “Super High Roller” and other shows brought to you by PokerGo.

Salomon often battled on the felt with other super high rollers like Phil Ivey, Bill Perkins, Tom Dwan, Jean-Robert Bellande, Antonio Esfandiari, Bill Klein, Cary Katz, Sam Trickett, Bryn Kenney, Phil Hellmuth, Jason Koon, Nick Petrangelo, Scott Seiver, just to name a few.

Personal Life

Now, this is probably the most interesting part of Salomon’s life (for onlookers). It’s not unusual for celebrities to be romantically involved with co-celebs. But, Rick didn’t only have one high-profile marriage – he had three!

He first married Elizabeth G. Daily in 1995. She is a voice actress behind many popular characters like Buttercup (Powerpuff Girls) and Tommy Pickles (Rugrats). Before they decided to split up, they were blessed with two lovely daughters named Tyson and Hunter. The couple parted ways in the year 2000.

Just 2 years later, Salomon married again and this time it was with another actress – Shannen Doherty. Everyone thought this will be Allan’s last marriage, but it fell apart after only nine months. She is of Irish descent and they didn’t have kids.

Richard’s whirlwind romance didn’t end there yet.

In 2007, Pamela Anderson, another celebrity, announced that they were engaged through Ellen DeGeneres’ TV show. But, his name was not explicitly mentioned. Rick was reported as a “poker player” only at that time. In October of the same year, the couple tied the knot.

If you’re guessing this might be another short-lived romance, then you’re totally right about that. Shortly after 2 months, the couple wanted to call it quits. Pamela filed for divorce, and then months after, Salomon filed for an annulment. They parted ways in March 2008.

Sex Tape With Paris Hilton

As if Richard Allan’s high-profile marriages weren’t enough to make headlines, the pro card gamer also got involved in a more serious controversy with then-girlfriend Paris Hilton (the Hollywood actress).

What exactly happened with the Paris Hilton sex tape scandal? Did Paris sue Rick? What’s the outcome of the legal battle? Let’s discuss these questions here.

The couple’s personal sex tape was leaked on the Web in 2003. This prompted Salomon to take legal action against the firm that disseminated copies of the said footage along with filing charges at odds with the Hilton family for staining his image.

Because both parties are celebrities in their own accords, things got messy and the media outlets got involved. There were reports that Paris Hilton’s side tried to change the story by saying the actress was still a minor when the video was taken and they plead not to continue distributing copies of the tape online. But it was later found out that she was already 19 when that video was taken.

To this, Rick filed a $10 million lawsuit against Hilton’s camp. The actress soon after filed a case against the company that spread the tape on the grounds of violation of privacy.

Just like any major scandal in Hollywood, this one too didn’t last that long. In fact, Salomon officially distributed copies of the tape under Red Light District Video in 2004. He dropped the case against his ex-girlfriend Paris and settled things by giving $400,000 to her and giving her a certain percentage of the income derived through the distribution of the tape.

Rick Salomon Net Worth

Without a doubt, Richard Allan Salomon is one of the wealthiest players in the poker industry.

However, this isn’t only because of his winnings in live tournaments. Rather, most of his wealth comes from his other professions, especially as a film producer. Right now, he is estimated to have a value of at least $35+ million.

Here are some of his top cashes in poker:

  • 3rd place 2016 One Drop Extravaganza €1 million NLHE – $3,291,000
  • 4th place 2018 WSOP $1M NLH Big One for One Drop – $2,840,000
  • 4th place 2014 WSOP $1M NLH Big One for One Drop – $2,800,000

So, do you think Rick Salomon is a good poker player? What were your thoughts when you learned about his scandal? Let us know in the comments section below!

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