Adam Bilzerian Net Worth 2022: How Rich Is Dan Bilzerian's Brother Today?

Adam Bilzerian Net Worth: How Rich Is Dan Bilzerian’s Brother Today?

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Being associated with famous people, more so if they’re your family, is a mix of both good and bad. The good thing is that you have some inspiration to look up to, but on the other hand, you also get compared to them, which is not that good sometimes.

Adam Bilzerian has probably experienced these things since he has the same professional career as that of his brother Dan, who is a very well-known pro poker player. But let’s face it. These brothers prove to us that being good with cards can also be genetic. They are both really great players who have amazing game records.

Despite having a popular brother, he didn’t feel intimidated a bit. Instead, he was able to make a name for himself and his net worth isn’t something you can take lightly. He is valued much more than other more popular players, surprisingly.

Full Name: Adam J. Bilzerian
Birth Year: 1983
Birthplace: Tampa, Florida
Profession: Pro poker player and author
Wife: Audrey Bilzerian
WSOP Cashes: 5
Net Worth & Career Earnings: $100+ Million

Adam Bilzerian Bio

Adam is the second son of Paul Bilzerian, a popular corporate takeover officer. He is also the brother of the legendary poker player-now-turned-entrepreneur Dan Bilzerian. He was born in the year of 1983 and is now around 38-39 years old. He was born and raised in Florida with his older brother, Dan.

In 2001, his father got involved in a controversy and was arrested for fraud. As a child, he has always dreamt of joining the United States Army Special Force (Green Berets). But after what happened to his father, he had second thoughts about becoming one.

He asked how he could fight for his country when they did what they did to his dad. And so, he has foregone this dream and went to college for a History degree instead.

The scandal in 2001 devastated the entire family, and its impact had made him decide to rescind his American citizenship. In 2007, he decided to buy a property in Saint Kitts and Nevis and stayed there for a year, making him a citizen there. Then in 2018, he was granted Armenian citizenship.

One thing that helped him easily become a resident of Saint Kitts and Nevis was the investment program he entered into. He allegedly invested around $400,000 for a certain project.

His feelings toward his birth country have since been revealed in a series of books he later wrote, one of which having the title “America: Love It or Leave It – So I left”.

Poker Career

Since the tragic raid happened in 2001, Adam has given up his career as a US Army Ranger. He decided to pursue a full-time poker career instead, following the footsteps of his older brother. Looking back, this was probably one of the best decisions he ever made.

With a little guidance from Dan, he was able to form his own winning strategies and he learned the ropes quickly. He was fond of playing online and private games. This helped him grow his bankroll exponentially.

One private game he would never forget was when he played with his friend Alex Rodriguez, the baseball player. He didn’t know the guy could play but Alex surprised him with his skills.

It was during 2009 when he decided to join the WSOP tournament. For a first-time live tourney player, he was able to bag 47th place. He got a little short of $140,000 as a prize for that event. His brother Dan also participated in the same event, thus the term “Flying Bilzerian Brothers” was coined.

After that, he has joined several other live tournaments where he won fairly decent prizes. It was reported that his largest winning amounted to $344,520 during the 2014 Summer High Roller Series tournament.

Adam J. Bilzerian: Author Life

If you think this man is all about poker, then you’re totally wrong. He also has a knack for writing. He already authored several books and many of his supporters really love them.

The first book he wrote was based on his personal experience when he was still younger. The piece was entitled “America: Love it or leave it – so I left“.

He had hard feelings for the government because of what happened to his father. The FBI conducted a raid in 2001 after Paul was accused of fraud. This left a great impact on his whole life.

It was in this book that he presented the details of why he decided to let go of his American citizenship and became an Armenian citizen instead.

Because of this book, the poker player got several hate messages from die-hard American patriots, but this didn’t bother him. The book was well-received by many other people despite that.

Personal Life

Adam bought an estate in Saint Kitts and Nevis in 2007. He is also married to Audrey Bilzerian and they have two amazing children. Until now, the family of four is living in their mansion in Nevis.

When Paul was released from prison, he has invited him over. Since then, Paul has stayed with them.

While also a controversial figure in the poker world, he was the exact opposite of Dan, as the older brother often described it. He loved staying lowkey and he enjoys his peaceful and quiet life with his family.

Adam Bilzerian Net Worth

You might think his net worth isn’t that big since his total live tournament earnings are short of a million dollars, but this man is one of the richest poker players today. His net worth is estimated to be $100+ million.

According to him, half of this amount was from poker tournament winnings (private, online, and live tourneys). We can only assume that the other half is from the book revenues and the trust fund his father left for them before he went to prison.

To date, here are his best cashes:

  • 7th place 2014 Summer High Roller Series – $344,520
  • 2nd place 2015 Aria High Roller X – $246,000
  • 47th place 2009 40th Annual WSOP – $138,568

So, do you know any other fun and interesting facts about Adam Bilzerian? Don’t hesitate to share them in the comments section below!

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