Dan Bilzerian Net Worth 2022

Dan Bilzerian Net Worth: How Rich Is the “Instagram Playboy” Today?

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Many celebrities are popular in the poker industry because of their card-playing skills, but Dan Bilzerian has another story. He claims to be a big-time high stakes poker player, but that’s not really what made him so famous. In fact, he is making more noise in his social media accounts as an influencer and plays cards on the side.

He is notorious for showcasing his crazy rich lifestyle on various social media platforms, mostly on IG which has earned him his infamous nickname – Instagram Playboy (sometimes King of Instagram).

He has at least 27 Million followers on IG. He does not shy away from the public eye with his interest in cars, girls, guns – any wealthy man would want to indulge in. This is also the reason why he is most often involved in nasty controversies.

You may not know it, but he’s not just a simple Instagram/Twitter celebrity. He’s also a businessman who owns Ignite International Brands Ltd. It’s a good backup for a luxurious lifestyle, isn’t it?

Full Name: Daniel Brandon Bilzerian
DOB: December 7, 1980
Birthplace: Tampa, Florida
Profession: Poker player, actor, businessman, influencer
Girlfriend: N/A
WSOP Cashes: 1
Net Worth & Career Earnings: $200+ Million

Daniel Bilzerian Bio

Dan, more popularly known as Baby Legs or Instagram Playboy, was born in Tampa, Florida. Growing up, their family was living a comfortable life with his father, Paul Bilzerian, being a corporate raider/investor. His mom is Terri Steffen and he has a brother who is also a poker player – Adam Bilzerian.

Though they were living a wealthy life, the tables were overturned when his dad was sent to prison for security and tax fraud. Although not much has been said on where Paul’s fortune went, what we know is that he stashed a trust fund for both Dan and Adam.

This incident probably had a great impact on Dan because since then, he has been involved in several misconduct issues. He often got into fights with peers and was expelled. At the new school, he brought a machine gun which led to him being homeschooled during his senior year.

It was said that Instagram Playboy went to the University of Florida to study Business and Criminology. However, there’s no mention if he did complete the degree or graduated there. Nevertheless, he made a name for himself, didn’t he?

And it was around this time when he started to get into poker. Speaking of…

Poker Career

Things got a little harder for Daniel during college. After losing his trust fund, he sold his gun collection and decided to get into poker to support himself at school.

He enjoys playing at private poker events and there are only a few times when he entered public games like the WSOP main event in 2009. He managed to take home $36,000 after winning 180th place.

One time, he shared on Twitter that he won $10.8 Million by playing in a private poker event. That’s not so bad, knowing these are high-stakes games. He has even played in one of Tobey Maguire‘s games.

But today, Dan is no longer very focused on poker. Instead, he is working hard to promote and expand his brand, Ignite.

Check out the video below on Doug Polk‘s podcast, where the ‘Instagram Playboy’ talks his poker past, playing in high stakes private games, the source of his fortune, and more.

Personal Life

Shortly after high school, Dan wanted to become a Navy SEAL so he joined the program. However, he was not able to complete it because of the fight he had with an officer and a “safety violation on the shooting range”.

Now, enough with the misconducts. Though he encountered a lot of troubles during his younger days, Dan managed to secure several real estates to his name, and he isn’t ashamed to flaunt it to everybody.

His best property is the one in Bel Air, Los Angeles. This costs a whopping $65 Million! It has a 9-car garage, 7 bars, 3 dining areas, a bowling alley, a movie theatre, and a 12-ft waterfall pouring into the infinity pool. Plus, it also has an outdoor gym – the envy of many people.

Jan 20, 2022 Update: Dan Bilzerian’s Abandoned 28,000 Square-Foot Lakefront Childhood Mansion In Tampa Was Just Listed For $6 Million (source).

Dan Bilzerian Net Worth

Of his $200+ Million net worth, it is said that only about $50 million came from his poker career.

The rest are from business ventures. It’s not clear whether he has already monetized his Instagram account, but there were talks into doing that. It’s safe to assume that his main source of income lies with Ignite, his global brand selling CBD and vape pens among others.

Since he isn’t really into public tournaments, his only recorded winning was the 2009 WSOP main event where he bagged $36,626.

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