Justin Bonomo Net Worth 2022: How Rich Is ZeeJustin Today?

Justin Bonomo Net Worth: How Rich Is This High Stakes Roller?

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When you hear the word high-stakes roller, one of the names that you can find among the list of the most popular people is ZeeJustin. In a more formal manner, he is born Justin Bonomo from Virginia.

Just like David Williams, Bryn Kenney and Scott Seiver, he was also once a Magic (MTG) player. The game proved to be a great foundation for both these poker stars – training their memory, math, and even strategic skills.

(Knowing this, many aspiring players look for the game in the hopes of becoming the next poker superstar of their generation.)

Before Kenney got the historic single pay-out, Justin held that title. Despite having his record broken, ZeeJustin isn’t so sad about it either. He still got huge accumulated winnings from his live games as much as $48+ million.

Right now, the star is currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Full Name: Justin Bonomo
DOB: September 30, 1985
Birthplace: Virginia
Profession: Professional poker player
Wife: N/A
WSOP Bracelet: 3
Net Worth & Career Earnings: $49+ Million

Justin Bonomo Bio

Justin is born on September 30, 1985. He grew up in Virginia, but is now living in Las Vegas, in the Panorama Towers, where you can find other famous card players.

Just like many other teenagers, he got hooked to playing online games. However, it was different for him since he was serious in getting the prize money for Magic: The Gathering card game (just like Bryn Kenney).

In fact, when he was as young as 12 years old, he started joining official game tournaments participated by other older players coming from all over the world.

Later on, he realized how big of an earning one can make by playing these card games, so he tried venturing into the online poker world at 16. And, his decision was not at all wrong.

(Viktor “Isildur1” Blom also started his journey as an online player.)

Poker Career

Image: World Poker Tour (WPT) on Flickr

You know what’s funny? It seems like Justin didn’t really intended to get hooked on poker.

Actually, his first encounter with the game was probably during one of his Magic tournament in California. He saw a segment of the World Poker Tour on TV. Before he knew it, he got inspired with the entire concept of the game (including the potential winnings, of course).

That was the start of his journey. He bought books on his way home to Virginia to study about the game and to learn about winning strategies. When he realized how much he can potentially earn as a pro, he decided to go for it at once, selling his online character (EverQuest game) to fund his bankroll.

He started humbly with a $500 cash in at Paradise Poker, and tested the waters with the lowest stakes. Then, once he got the hang of it, he began playing at live tournaments.

And here he is today, one of the biggest names in the poker world, next to stars like Phil Hellmuth, Elky, Daniel Negreanu, Scott Siever, Antonio Esfandiari, Bryn Kenney, Fedor Holz, Doug Polk, Alec Torelli, and so forth.

Personal Life

Despite his popularity, Justin is doing a great job at keeping his personal life rather private and quiet. When he isn’t playing cards, he mentioned he enjoys trying out various restaurants. He loves trying new cuisine and delicacies.

What’s also more interesting is that he practices polyamory. This is the act of having several partners, in an intimate relationship, with knowledge of all parties concerned.

To many of us, this might seem hard to manage, but Justin is doing this just fine. Definitely a unique player!

Justin Bonomo Net Worth

ZeeJustin didn’t become one of the famous and rich poker players overnight. He had his fair share of losses. However, that didn’t stop him from pursuing this career, and it was probably the best decision he made.

Right now, his estimated net worth is around $49+ million. And, his top three cashes to date are as follows:

  • 1st place 2018 WSOP $1M No-limit Hold’em Big One for One Drop – $10,000,000
  • 1st place 2018 Super High Roller Bowl – $5,000,000
  • 1st place 2018 Super High Roller Bowl China – $4,820,299

So, is there any other interesting facts about Justin Bonomo you want to add? Please share them in the comments section below!

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