Joey Ingram Poker Net Worth and Bio - How Rich Is Chicago Joey Today?

Joey Ingram Bio & Net Worth: How Rich Is “Chicago Joey” Today?

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We all know there are several kinds of poker games, and Texas Hold’em is among the most popular ones. However, there are people who prefer other categories like Omaha, just like Joey Ingram.

He is a professional card player from Chicago who is known to be the biggest fan of PLO (Pot-limit Omaha) and there’s no other format better than this, at least according to him. But that’s not the only reason why he’s popular.

He is also a famous YouTuber for his podcast entitled Poker Life. Besides poker, his channel included a variety of other content like UFC matches, but for avid poker fans, the podcast has a great impact.

Many pro players are infamous for their bad personalities, but it’s different with Joey. Instead, people love him because he’s very down-to-earth and enthusiastic. Plus of course, he got skills – even challenging the biggest names in the industry.

Full Name: Joey Ingram
DOB: June 24, 1982
Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
Profession: Pro poker player, YouTuber, podcast host
Wife: N/A
WSOP Cashes: 3
Net Worth & Career Earnings: $1.5+ Million

Joey Ingram Bio

Even though he is a pro player, he still treats himself as a private individual, and not many backstories were heard of him. But what we know for sure is that he is a native from Chicago who enjoys playing both online and live PLO games.

He is originally known as a professional poker player but later went bigger as a YouTube sensation. He began getting into the card game when he was around 20 years old. He started playing low stakes at an online poker site, his bankroll experiencing too many ups and downs.

But luckily, he was able to get the hang of it and let his funds grow, allowing him to participate in bigger tournaments in Vegas. And, the rest is history.

Poker Career

Since he was included in the list of the most notable poker players, you might automatically compare him to legends like Daniel Negreanu, Doug Polk, or even Phil Ivey.

But, he didn’t become popular because of his skills. Well, given the fact that he rarely participates in live tournaments and is not quite a fan of Hold’em, that’s kinda expected.

In an interview for Bluff Magazine Europe, he said he started playing online with a deposit of $1,000 and he played the lowest stakes, made a little cash, only to lose it all again in another game. He started like that and it lasted for a short while. When he was able to understand the game, he made money out of it slowly, contributing to his bankroll.

The first time he ever cashed out from WSOP is when he ranked 39th during the $3000 PLO game, ultimately bringing home a little over $6,000. Then, the next was in 2017 when he managed to land 99th place in another PLO game, with winnings at $2,300+.

But the most notable winning in his entire career, which is also his biggest single cash out, was in 2018. He won $28,502 by bagging 17th place during the $10K PLO Championship.

Transitioning to YouTube and Podcast

Instead of focusing on poker tournaments, Chicago Joey is more into being a YouTube sensation.

His channel was around since 2007, but it wasn’t until May 2014 that he started doing the Poker Life podcast. This is his greatest contribution to the industry.

In his podcast, he interviews big poker superstars. His first-ever guest was Bart Hanson.

He invites really popular players like Garrett Adelstein, Fedor Holz, Phil Ivey, Barry Greenstein, and many other industry icons. Through this, it encourages more fans to get to know their favorites a little more.

It was noted that the podcast played a crucial role in increasing the fanbase of the poker industry. More importantly, it was his poker investigations that really attracted a lot of people.

For example, Joey has won Journalist and Media Content awards in 2020 for (un)covering Mike Postle cheating allegations. He regularly does that with his friend Doug Polk, by the way.

Interestingly enough, it’s not just the Poker Life podcast that made his channel very popular. It was also video content not even related to the game. It was some sort of a post-game analysis on the UFC match between Mcgregor and Khabib.

And the rest of his success just followed smoothly.

Chicago Joey Net Worth

So, what is Joey Ingram’s net worth today? There’s no concrete announcement as to his real net worth since Joey has always kept his financial affairs private.

But based on his published winnings and a rough estimate of the YouTube earnings, it’s safe to say he has a net worth of around $1.5+ million.

Though he only has a handful cashes, here are his three best winnings so far:

  • 17th place 2018 WSOP $10,000 PLO Eight Max – $28,502
  • 39th place 2016 WSOP $3,000 PLO Six Max – $6,658
  • 1st place 2021 Power Poker Series Kickoff Festival – $4,429

Have you tried listening to Chicago Joey’s Poker Life Podcast? Do you have other interesting facts about our YouTube superstar? Let us know in the comments section below!

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