Where is Garrett from Survivor Now?

Where is Garrett from “Survivor” Now, and What Does He Do? (Revealed!)

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Garrett Adelstein is VERY well-known in the (high stakes) cash poker games, however, a lot of people learned about him from the reality TV show “Survivor: Cagayan“.

This show aired in 2013, almost a decade ago, and many wonder: “Where is Garrett from Survivor now?” Where does he live, what does he do today, and does he now have a partner?

And that’s exactly what we’re going to cover today.

Where Is Garrett from Survivor Now?

Now Garrett Adelstein lives in California (USA) with his wife Jennifer. After Survivor, Garrett has continued his career as a professional poker player in high stakes cash games. You can often watch him playing in televised PokerGo, Hustler Casino Live, as well as Live at the Bike streams.

Let’s talk more about his current life after the CBS’ reality show.

Garrett Adelstein on “Survivor”

G-man was a contestant in Survivor: Cagayan, in season 28 which aired in 2013. (Click here to watch it on Amazon Prime today!)

Because of his poker background, during the first episode, he was assigned to the Brains Tribe and was actually the earliest contestant to find the Hidden Immunity Idol (on Day 1).

On the game, this Immunity Idol is a small sized talisman which protects the contestant from being voted out from the Tribal Council.

Despite Garrett finding the Idol early on in Survivor, he actually didn’t bring it with him to the Day 6 and was voted out at the Tribal. He himself confirmed in an interview that leaving the talisman back at the camp was likely a mistake (which he regretted).

Check out the video video of the day after:

In 2013, Adelstein mentioned that he felt like he was blindsided and that ran in parallel with the rest of his experience on the televised island show.

He also said that he’d love to play the Survivor again, but one main thing that he would do differently is to prepare for the elements more.

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Let us know in the comments below if you’d love to see him on Survivor again!

“Survivor” Poker Player

Garrett Adelstein is one of the fewest poker players who has participated in the Survivor TV show.

So far it was G-man, Jean-Robert Bellande, Jim Rice, Ronnie Bardah, and Anna Khait who are poker players that have made the appearance in Survivor. And they stand out because of their profession, especially to folks who completely don’t know the game and found this intriguing.

Funnily enough, the skills that pro poker players possess like bluffing, handling being under pressure, and reading people are required if you want to have more success participating in this reality show (and potentially winning).

As seen in the video above, Garrett was correct in reading his mates (for ex: Kass being “completely unpredictable and illogical to vote against him”), he didn’t prepare for the elements, and he didn’t bring the Immunity Idol with him to the Council Tribal and that cost him.

(However, another notable female poker player Fatima Moreira de Melo has actually WON the European edition of the the Survivor show. How cool is that?)

But let’s be clear about one thing…

When it comes to poker, G-man is an absolute CRUSHER.

Garrett Adelstein has a high net worth, and plays very high stakes cash games in Los Angeles (on actual live streams). Check out the video below how he’s made $300,000 in just one 6 hour session:

Without a doubt, poker is one of his make sources of income.

Read this post on how does Garrett Adelstein make money (with his sources of wealth revealed).

Is Adelstein married?

In some interviews that Garrett did regarding his participation in Survivor, he had joked that he wanted to join and impress the Los Angeles ladies “win enough money to impress girls in L.A”.

We don’t know if that was a joke or not, but I’m sure he has indeed impressed many women.

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In any case, many wonder if he had a partner/girlfriend/wife, and right now Garrett IS happily married to a real estate agent and investor in California, Jennifer Stutland. They had a wedding in 2021.

Other than that, there’s not much private information on him and his wife. (No mention of kids.)

Final Thoughts

As you can see G-man is doing pretty well for himself after he left the Survivor show, he’s married, and he is a successful high stakes pro poker player.

If you want to learn more about his poker career and net worth, then check out this post.


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